3 Reasons To See A Sinus Doctor

Are you battling a common cold and feeling stuffy? Maybe you live with unexplained congestion and always had trouble breathing. If so, you may suffer from sinusitis, whose symptoms include facial pain, headaches, and changes in your senses of smell and taste that may affect your quality of life if left untreated. It is vital that you seek help from a sinus doctor or an ENT specialist. If you are unsure, below are three reasons why you should see a sinus doctor, soon. 

You Have Chronic Sinusitis

Unfortunately, many Americans suffer from sinus infections frequently throughout the year, which quickly clear up. However, one sinus infection attack is enough to put your health down. Still, some people experience chronic sinusitis that lasts several months, presenting symptoms such as difficulty smelling, nasal congestion, facial pressure translating to pain, and chronic headaches. So, if you are experiencing this, you need to consider seeking immediate medical attention from a sinus doctor. They are well experienced in their craft and will ensure they assess and determine the cause of the infection and offer alternative solutions and treatments to help clear it up.

You Have a Nasal Injury

Suppose you were involved in a car accident or you hit your face on the door on your way out. You may have some nasal injury or, worse, a fractured nose. There is a likely chance that you may be bleeding and experiencing pain. It is essential to visit a sinus doctor to assess the fracture and rule out other issues, such as an obstructed airway. Depending on the assessment, the doctor will advise further on what to expect if there is a need to have nasal correcting surgery. Suppose it is only an injury; you will be given some medication to relieve the pain and inflammation.

You Have Breathing Difficulties

A sinus infection can happen to anyone. Although the most affected are the ones who have allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems. Individuals who smoke may also get a sinus infection. With that in mind, all these issues may prompt some difficulty in breathing. Consider seeking advice and help from a sinus doctor in case you have difficulty breathing. The medical expert may conduct further tests to find the underlying causes of your breathing difficulties, not necessarily caused by respiratory infections. You may have a deviated septum or a trachea blockage, reducing your breathing capabilities. But the good news is once the sinus doctor understands your issue's cause, they can initiate treatment or refer you to a specialist.

Contact a local sinus doctor to learn more. 

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